Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI)

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About VEI: Women's Global Edition

Fintech challenge winner

The Fintech challenge asked contestants to explain how their company could help transform consumer payments or commercial experiences locally, regionally, or globally.
Naureen Hyat, winner of the Fintech challenge, posing with a trophy.

Visa Everywhere Initiative gave us the unique opportunity to expand our vision and enhance Tez’s product offering to lift financial inclusion in Pakistan. The initiative fosters a culture of innovation and every participant had a persistent belief that tomorrow is going to be much better than today. The positivity and shared optimism was infectious!

— Naureen Hyat

Social Impact challenge winner

The Social Impact challenge asked how women entrepreneurs around the world drive social change by supporting equitable livelihoods and strengthening local economies.
Woman presenting Monique Ntumngia, winner of the Social Impact challenge, a cutout of a Visa card worth $100k and a trophy.

The Visa Everywhere Initiative to me is the real definition of what women empowerment is all about. What I loved and still do about participating in the program is the consistent follow up after funding.The global networking platforms and mentorship that Visa makes available to the female entrepreneur continuously goes beyond the funding received.

— Monique Ntumngia

About the VEI: Women’s Global Edition Trophies

Trophy designer Lisa Issenberg smiling while making the trophy.

Value to women entrepreneurs

There are a number of reasons for entrepreneurs to participate in the Visa Everywhere Initiative. See a few below.


Women entrepreneurs may receive increased attention from the press and other sources as they engage with one of the world’s leading payment companies


VEI can be the starting point for lasting partnerships and the opportunity for women entrepreneurs and Visa to innovate together


Visa provides mentorship and expert advice on the payments industry

Prize Money

Two Final Global winners will each receive $100,000 USD

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