Your any request* - just tell us

Would you like to book a table in a restaurant or maybe order a long red dress?

Concierge service will organize, find and deliver anything to you.

What can the concierge service from Visa do?

Whatever comes to your mind - a dress at three in the morning or a supermarket in Kotor.
Visa's concierge service will arrange, find and deliver anything to you.


*Excluding illegal and immoral requests

Visa Concierge Service

Find the information you need:

  • transport tickets
  • addresses and phones
  • posters and information about events

Help in everyday matters:

  • book a table or delivery
  • find a product or service
  • remind you of an event

Organize vacation:

  • rents housing and cars
  • build a route
  • return lost luggage

How we are working

We serve you around the clock


We provide a free service for premium card holders


We speak 6 languages


We answer you in messengers and by phone


We make life easier

In 2022, we have done a lot and for many


times were an alarm clock


booked tables


pets recorded to the groomer


planned holidays


bought tickets


times reminded about birthdays, called a taxi, ordered delivery

Concierge serving cardholders

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